Lemieux vs Saunders

Lemieux (25-0) has been frustratingly inactive since winning the strap from Andy Lee in December 2015, but now fights three months to the day since his last fight against Willie Monroe in September.

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Yep, the two men are dead even, which shows what an interesting fight this is. Saunders is the champion and undefeated, with some very good names on his resume including Chris Eubank, Jr., Andy Lee, and Willie Monroe, Jr. But he’s in deep here, as he’s taking on a very real threat in Lemieux. The Canadian fighter is a serious power puncher who is undefeated since a 2015 loss to GGG. He started 2017 with one of the best KO’s of the year over Curtis Stevens, and he has a solid resume as well, though it doesn’t quite stack up to that of the champ. Adding to Lemieux’s positives here is the arena – the fight is in Quebec, and will surely feature a vocal pro-Lemieux crowd.

At even odds, if you’re feeling confident in either fighter, go ahead and take a swing here. If you’re going Lemieux, I would add to your odds by predicting a KO finish. It should be a good fight, and a good end to 2017.

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